My name is Denise Ryland and I live in the beautiful Great Lakes Area of NSW, Australia.
After many years of working in the health profession as a nurse I am finally pursuing my passion for art.
I have always admired art, especially sculpture and I lean towards paintings, sculptures and artful items using mostly mixed media.
A few years ago I discovered the most exciting new medium in visual arts - Textile hardeners.
This medium and new technique allows beautiful, elegant figures to be created and fashioned in an array of flowing fabrics, style and colour.

I mainly work with different types of clay, plaster or modrock as well as recycled materials, and incorporate fabric using an environmentally friendly textile hardener imported from Europe. I finish off my pieces with various mediums including acrylic paints, patinas, stone and metal effects or whatever else I find interesting. The possibilities are endless.
I truly enjoy creating these unique and interesting pieces and as each piece is hand made, no two pieces are exactly the same.

My style at times leans towards the more abstract and figurative abstract.
The sculptures dry hard, are weatherproof and washable. They can be placed either indoors or outdoors as their initial material is weatherproof.
You can purchase the sculptures as shown or you can commission me to make something specifically for you. Because each piece is original, there may be some slight variation in colour, style and size or there may be some variation in fabric used - depending on availability. All sculptures on this site are for sale unless already sold.

Please take a look at my Gallery pages.

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