Photos of sold work.
If you are interested in any of these sculptures, please contact me to commission a particular piece.
As previously stated, all pieces are unique, but can be made to order. There may be some slight variation in colour, style and size or there may be some variation in fabric used - depending on availability.

Masquerade (SOLD)

Blue Lace

Blue Torso SOLD

Blue Torso (back) SOLD

Greek Torso (Red) SOLD

Torso in Skirt-Wall Art SOLD

Face-Wall Art

Red Greek Torso (Back) SOLD

Bronze African Lady SOLD

Caribbean Queen - SOLD

Fish Tail SOLD

Purple lady (relief) SOLD

Purple lady (relief) SOLD

Blue Masai SOLD

Reclining SOLD


Bronze Torso SOLD

Bronze Graduate

Copper fabric SOLD

Fairy SOLD


Mannequin- life size

African Woman

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